Plans and Pricing

Select the storage required and the amount of images that are to be processed by Image Engine and you are all set to go. Our storage calculator will help you determine what plan you require

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AI Checks / Month2
Supports FTP Camera
Process Time Per Image
Upload Speed
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Add-on Storage Units
Add-on AI Units
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Premium Level

10,000 AI Checks
20 GB
1 seconds
400 kb/s
$24.50 p/m

Standard Level

5000 AI Checks
10 GB
1 seconds
400 kb/s
$19.95 p/m

Entry Level

1000 AI Checks
5 GB
3 seconds
150 kb/s
$12.95 p/m

Low Volume

500 AI Checks
2 GB
5 seconds
75 kb/s
$6.95 p/m

Upgrades and downgrades

When upgrading from a lower plan to a higher plan, the plan upgrade takes effect immediately and your credit card will be charged the pro-rated amount. When moving from a higher plan to a lower plan, the changes will be reflected on your billing anniversary.